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Save Modified Documents

Question asked by Eric Jorge on Jan 20, 2014

Every time one user goes to close out a drawing he gets the warning " Save modified documents" with two options ( not including cancel )


'Save All'

'Don't Save'


This is even if he didn't make any changes, when he hits Save all it doesn't do anything and the box doesn't go away. the only way to get it to go away is to hit cancel. All of our other users are on the same 2013 sp4 and hopefully going to upgrade to 2014 very shortly. Is there any known fix for this issue? He seems to have lost data when manually saving, then when he goes to close the window he gets this option, and it won't allow him to hit Save all, so he will close out the document ( thinking he saved before when manually clicking the save, floppy disk) but then when he returns, none of his changes were saved. He has all of the right permissions to the file in order to save, he only has this issue on certain documents.


Eric Jorge