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Separating multi-body sheet metal parts

Question asked by Dean Baragar on Jan 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2014 by Dean Baragar

Hi all,

I have a large multi-body part that I now need to break into individual parts.  I need to do this because I don't trust the multi-body part and because it is a huge file (14 MB) with over 500 features and 14 unique parts. When I try to separate the files, I lose all features and it doesn't translate sketches, which I use for positioning other parts (not within the multi-body).  I tried saving all the parts as flat patterns, then creating a new part from the flat patterns and adding bends, but for some reason the geometry does not match the original parts (even using 8 decimal places on the angles).

  What is the best way to separate a multi-body part into its components, while removing references to the original file, and making it editable for the future?