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Problem opening material manager from feature manager tree.

Question asked by Will Killian on Jan 19, 2014

Hello everybody. I'm on SW2013 sp0. In just the last week I've started having a strange problem that I can't figure out. In the feature manager tree I can no longer right click on the material property and choose edit material from the menu that appears. I either have to go to edit,appearance, material or use a custom keyboard short cut I've had to create to open the material manager. Everything still functions; I can apply material and mass property's work as normal after applying material but this is just really messing up my work flow. I've tried looking in the system options. I've repaired my installation. Anyone ever had this happen to them? I've searched the forum and have not found any reference to this problem so if its been addressed before please forgive me. I thank everyone in advance for your time for reading this.