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    Solidworks Student Edition Trial Question

    Rob Docter

      Hello my teacher put on the 60 day trial version for my Advanced Solidworks class.  He did this after I bought the 12 month student edition but my purchase has not arived at my house yet.  So I am wondering if I use this 60 day trial version for my class this weekend and/or until my 12 month student edition shows up will I be able to delet the 60 day trial and load the 12 month version under my name and email.  Or if I load the 60 day trial I have to wait until the 60 days run out to use my 12 month disk that has not arived yet.  This is probably an easy question but I am just making sure I don't loose the money I spent on the 12 month disk.

      Thankyou for your quick reasponces.

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          Jeff Mirisola

          You should be able to do it by going to add/remove programs, select SolidWorks and choose to run a repair on it. When the serial number page pops up, replace the 60-day trial serial number with your 12-month one. Continue through without changing anything else and you should be good. Assuming, of course, that student versions behave the same as commerial versions.