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    make virtual macro help!!

    Steven Middleton

      Hey Guys, well, I am still at trying to rename files in an efficient way. I found the "make virtual" command useful, but I now I am not sure where to go from there. I want to make a userform that controls "make virtual". Basically, you click the macro, it finds all the files in a design table, edits the assemblies as needed, that are labeled "WAS-XXXXX" and changes the old number from "WAS-XXXXX" to "NEW-XXXX1", "NEW-XXXX2", etc. and then keeps track of that number so it doesn't repeat when the macro is used again later. Any thoughts on where to begin? I want to make the userform, so that the prefix can be changed manually as needed. Thanks in advance for the help. hope you guys have a great weekend!