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Components and splices getting mixed up during "Start by From/To"

Question asked by Robert Hahn on Jan 17, 2014

I am a newbie but trying to implement Routing electrical at a contract job running Solidworks 2012.


When I import the Excel spreadsheet with the routing information, some of the components and splices don't come in correctly.  Some splices come in as components (ready to place) and some components are shown as splices (need to be added later).  I did find a help file discussion about using * for the splice pin number to have it added in later.  This has occurred on 2 different spreadsheets and new assemblies.  Attached is one of the files.


I don't know if it makes any difference but when the spools were imported using the Spool Wizard, the sizes were changed by a about mm/".


Also, From-To Wizard doesn't recognize .xlsm files but the others and Solidworks itself seems to.  This could be a dead issue with newer versions.


Any help would be appreciated.




Robert W Hahn

RFA Engineering

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