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Electrical Route Labeling

Question asked by Martin Lavigne on Jan 17, 2014

Few years ago when I was first learning Electrical Routing in SolidWorks I came across a YouTube tutorial where the guy at the end was adding shrink tube labels to its cable. Since then I became efficient in Electrical Routing but now I need to label my wires with shrink tube labels and can’t find that tutorial I saw then.


I created one part that basically works like a floating clip. It auto sizes itself to the cable using the FilterSketch scheme (like a clip) and has all the routing points and axis but I don’t know how to have specific text for each instances. The wrapped text is linked to a property but I don’t know how to change that text from the assembly and specific for each one.  If I do a Configuration Publisher, I will lose the auto size feature.


Anyone created a part to do this?  It should be auto sizing and text specific for each instance.