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    Can I model HVAC system on flow simulation.

    David Fahy



      I was wondering could someone help me with a question, as part of my final year project I have to model a HVAC sytem in a  manufacturing area in an industrial building.


      I was just wondering is this possible to model on solidworks flow simulation, there are 15 AHU feeding and extracting from the area and numerious industrial machines giving off heat.

      Is all of this possible to model on flow simualtion?

      The objective of the project is to come up with strategys to save on energy by optimizing the HVAC system.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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          Jared Conway

          what concern do you have about flow simulation not being able to handle it?


          have you taken a look at the tutorials, technical reference and solving engineering problems docs? those should give you a good idea of what it can do and that for this problem there shouldn't be an issue because flow simulation is a general purpose CFD tool.


          the only concern i would have is about size, you may need to accept first order results because it will be difficult to get a really refined mesh in all areas but you can investigate EFD zooming in important areas.


          i would start by mocking up the problem as a hand calculation so that you know what your inputs are and an idea of what the general result will be before you go to simulation.

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              David Fahy

              Thanks Jared for your reply,

              My biggest concern is the sizing and the amount of inputs and outputs that have to be modeled, I think with the amount of factors that have to be considered it will be too much especially as i have only a basic knowledge of flow simulation.


              How can I model the heat dissapation from the machines on flow simulation, I have research and cant seem to see anything on it.




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                  Sjoerd Post

                  Hi David,


                  When i first started with Flow Simulation i have used a flow simulation tutorial found by googeling it.

                  I can't post a link through this Forum so i suggest you type the following in google: Solidworks flow simulation tutorial.

                  The 5th result is a PDF file. This is the file i have used to make my way into Flow simulation.

                  Chapter A2 also specifies a part about how to specify heat dissaption from different parts.

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                    Bill McEachern

                    What you are contemplating is pretty straight forward. Building as box, the air make up units can be modeled as duct that leaves the room and come back intothe room - just make sure the duct areas are about right to ensure the velocities are about right, use an internal fan (use the fan curve from the actual unit blower)- add a block after tha fan that you can disable and use as a way to add the heat (or take away) to the air. The turtorial manual is avialable in the install directory under lang-> english...etc You probably have to complete the first 3 and maybe more.


                    Start with one room and one air make up unit and get it working then move on the bigger job.