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EPDM 2014 SWShellFileLauncher error message

Question asked by Chris Bassett on Jan 17, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2015 by ersin kocak

So we upgraded to SW 2014 SP1.0 and EPDM 2014 SP1.0 about two weeks ago.  Just today, one of the machines cannot open any files from the PDM.  I can move around through the PDM and view the files, but when it comes time to open them using solidworks (by double-clicking the filename), solidworks opens and then hangs and crashes about 30 seconds later.


I get the error shown below in the picture.  I've taken the steps to re-install SW and also did a repair on the EPDM add-in/client program.

Suggestions?  I know that EPDM integrates with Windows, so could the explorer.exe process be an issue?  (When I install EPDM clients, I generally close the explorer.exe process during the install, and then restart it when the install is complete.)