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    Helical Sweep: Sketch Width = Helix Pitch

    M. B.

      I need to model a perfectly sharp 60 deg. V thread.  Cosmetic threads aren't acceptable.


      Is it possible to do this when Solididworks doesn't allow the width of the sketch to equal the thread pitch?


      Any work arounds?



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          Mike Forsyth



          Good question.  I know that this fails if it touches itself as it wraps around.  I attached a screw with a thread that I just modified to form a sharp "V".  I did this by creating 2 identical Helix paths. Also I created 2 Half V Cut Sketches so that you only cut one side of the V at a time.

          This was done in SW2014. If you need my model done in 2013 I can recreate this.


          I hope this helps you.

          SHCS 0.375-16 x 1.000.JPG

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              M. B.

              Thanks Mike, I have tried the 1/2 sketch workaround method with duplicate helix paths before.  Unfortunately that technique doubles the rebuild time (for the thread) and many of my models contain several different threads.  Also, since I have lots of configurations defined by a design table, each duplicate helix path would need formulas in either equations or the design table to make the helixes always have the exact same pitch, height, etc. 


              Why is this still a problem for SW today when Pro-Engineer was able to handle this elegantly 15 years ago ?

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              Jeff Marshall

              Hi M.B

              This is my first time here and I don't do forums very well but I will Give it a try


              When I do this I make the sketch exceed the pitch dimension by .010 add a construction line at the correct pitch dimension and cut sweep I stumbled on to this some years ago being more stubborn than SW  I don"t Know if this is the correct solution for you it seems to work for me



              .05 THREAD PITCH.JPG

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                  M. B.

                  Jeff,  I have used this method and it works - sometimes.  I have lots of complex design table configurations in a single model.  Dimensions or formulas that work for one configuration often fail in a different configuration.  I marked this thread as answered but I still wish that helical features were more reliable.