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    Debug EPDM addin with Visual Studio Express

    Jorn Bjarning

      One of the limitations with Visual Studio Express compared to the full version is the ability to debug dll-files at least in the case with EPDM which is loaded and used from within Windows Explorer.


      I am using VS Express 2010. In the EPDM API documentation it is described how to select the option "Start external program" and select for example Notepad as the trigger for the add-in when debugging. But in VS Express this option is not available.


      Here at this page a work around is described for VS Express where the vbproj.user file is manually changed to contain these lines:







      When debugging the addin the Notepad is started but selecting and opening a SW file in the vault from Notepad does not trigger the EPDM Add-in as expected.


      Any ideas? Is the described method not possible?

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          Jorn Bjarning



          OK, I have now upgraded to the full Visual Studio 2013 package. I have selected Notepad as the external program for debugging. The EPDM Add-in is loaded into EPDM as a Debug-Addin.


          I have added a break point in the GetAddInInfo procedure to verify if the addin is loaded correctly but when debugging the solution the execution is not stopped at the break point.


          I have now added a messagebox in the GetAddInInfo procedure as another way to verify if the addin is loaded - and this messagebox is shown when running. So, the addin is loaded in EPDM.


          So the problem is actually that VS doesn't stop at the inserted break points. I have found articles on the issue but none of the suggested solutions seems to work for me.


          The good news is that the add-in is loaded but without break points it might get tough to debug the solution. It's not actually the answer to my original post but I will mark it so to close the case.


          If anyone has suggestions to why my break-points are not working in VS - please let me know .