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    2013 isuues

    Zelio Ferrarini

      Hello everybody,

      I just switched from 2010 to 2013 and I have some problems.

      1 - The cosmetic threads don’t show correctly. If you look at the picture I uploaded the 2010 was nice, with 2013 the surface turns black. How do I fix it without reopen and resave all the files I have ??


      2 - When I save a drawing as a DWG file, the dimension of the autocad file is huge. It used to be about about 200/300 KB. The same autocad file saved with 2013 is 11 MB. The setup of the option looks like the same. How do I set SW so I get a smaller size ??


      3 - When I save a drawing I get also a DXF file named “DRAWING_slddrw”. How do I get rid of it ??


      Any help and advice is REALLY appreciated.

      Thank you all.