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    2012 Slow video response

    Benny Tehcat

      I am having an issue with Solidworks 2012 on a new Dell Inspiron 7000 14.


      For instance, if I am inside an assembly, and I select a mate within the navigation pane it takes about 5 seconds while the system slowly highlights the edge or face.  It's like watching an image load on a 14.4K modem.  This problem is compounded if you accidentally roll over a few different mates, then you can find yourself just sitting there watching everything on the screen slowly highlight then go back to normal. 


      The system has a Gen 4 i5, 6GB of memory, Intel HD 4400 integrated video.  I had no issues running the same install of Solidworks on a 4-year old "lesser" laptop. 


      Any help is greatly appreciated.

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          Jeff Mirisola

          I'm guessing it's mostly your graphics, but the laptop overall. When you run SolidWorks on a non-CAD system ,you're run the risk of issues. The fact that it has integrated graphics is only going to cause you problems, as you're already seeing. The fact that you had no issues on a "lesser" laptop was probably more dumb luck than anything. I realize this isn't much in the way of help, but I don't know that there's much you can do. You might see if you can find different drivers for your graphic card...

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              Benny Tehcat

              I appreciate the reply.  I just found it strange that I could do this on a weaker video, memory, and processor.  But what you say makes sense as I realize it's heavily dependant on video drivers.  I've gone through intel.com to get the latest and greatest for this system (which fixed a few unrelated issues within windows 8.1). 


              I was hoping there was a quick setting like AutoCAD's "3dconfig".


              The other weird thing is that Creo 2.0 works fine, I'm just more profecient with SolidWorks for cranking out parts and assemblies so was hoping I could fix this.

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              Jon Burns

              Thanks for your effort.  I'm requesting any possible additional information.  My system in similar to yours.  I use Solidworks every day and after I updated to windows 8.1 (from 8 yesterday) I immediately notice the problem you describe. 


              Dell XPS-18 (basically a laptop)

              Intel i7 cpu

              Intel Graphic 4000


              I understand that the only way to revert back to windows 8 is via a restore point which I noticed was created.  However I've have associated general OS stability risks using restore points and would like to use only as a last resort.


              Wish us luck!