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turning planes off so i can sketch on another plane

Question asked by Joe Black on Jan 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2014 by Eric Irwin

i am working thru the hammer head tutorial and have fouled up on the circles and need to get at a particular plane to edit the circles and rectangles .now i select the plane i want to work on , and its visible in isometric but when i am flat on to the plane the sketch edit ends up on the wrong plane even though i didnt select that plane.

as my models get more complex i will have loads of planes i need to work on so is there a way to turn off the planes i dont want to work on and hide them ?

as some of the planes already have a lofted part i cant see whats behind on the other planes as it obscures them.the oblong sketches behind need to be modified.

i feel SW has a solution to planes with obscuring components but not sure where it is yet .