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Presentation to Industry Group

Question asked by Steve Martens on Jan 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2014 by Alin Vargatu


I have been asked by a local group of engineering and manufacturing business's to do a presentation on SolidWorks.  I have been using and supporting SolidWorks for a lot of years and a few different industries, so it's easy to tell stories and make it sound like a great choice to use the software and associated add ons.


What I don't have is some of the statistics of why a business should choose the enlightened path we are on.  What I am looking for is more than the software is cool and here is what you might be able to do (if you can hire a smart person to make it happen).  I would like to have a few ppt slides on the value SolidWorks brings to the bottom line, financial and business comparisons that an mba type would pull together.


Just throwing it out there in case anyone has something they can and would like to share.