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Can not install or upgrade

Question asked by Gang Wei on Jan 16, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2014 by Jerry Steiger

I spent a lot of time trying to install/upgrade to SW 2014 without success. Local SW support couldn't help. Our IT department couldn't help.


Yesterday I got the SW2014 DVD disck. So I installed it from disc with no problem. Now I want to upgrade to SP 1, but I am facing the same problem.


From help I click check for update. It brings up the intallation manager and then stuck at checking serial number and gives this error message:



A Serial number could not be verified because of a temporary problem connecting to the server. Try again later, or continue installation without product entitlement information. You will still be able to choose the products you want to install, but you will not be able to download any installation files. If you continue without downloading enabled, you will need to provide a complete set of download source files or a DVD from which to install.


Click Back to check the serial number you entered or enter a new serial number. If you continue without a validated serial number, the Installation Manager will not pre-select the products to which you are entitled.


Checking this website and other plaves on the Internet, All I can get is


First, please verify that you have an Internet connection.  If you have an Internet connection the most likely explanation for this is excessive volume or traffic connecting to the SolidWorks entitlement servers.


This may also be an indication of peak download traffic on the SolidWorks servers. During the first few days after a new service pack or major version is released, download traffic may be at a peak at the time you are attempting to accessing the download.  If this occurs, please be patient and try the download \ install \ upgrade again later.

I have internet connection. So I treid and tried, about one hundred times. No luck. However, a couple of times I got different message:


Your serial numbers do not entitle you to SolidWorks, or they expired. Contact your local support representative.


Any one else has the same problem? Any solutions?


Very frustrating.