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    Export Sketch into Mastercam MX5

    Paul Anderson

      Hey everyone,


      I am working on a project where I traced over a picture, I used SW to perform the trace because my Mastercam experience is limited. The trace is nothing more than a sketch. I want to take this sketch and import it into Mastercam (I have MX5) so I can use a VMM to engrave into a piece of stock.


      I am having trouble exporting out of SW. I have tried Parasolid (.x_t), .stl, and IGES. SW says there is no geometry to export, I am assuming because I have not created a solid.


      Any suggestion on how to go about exporting the sketch so I can import into Mastercam?


      Any suggestions to improve the overall process?


      I have included a screengrab of the sketch. I will add a picture of the SW screen in a little bit.


      Thank you for any help.


      Maltese Sketch.PNG

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          Jerry Steiger



          You might be able to use your sketch to generate a number of surfaces that you could export. It might be easier for all involved if you just used it to engrave a block in SolidWork, then export the block.


          Jerry S.

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            Feroz Mahomed



            You could save the sketch as a dxf and then open in Mastercam.

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              Blane Hill


              this works for me when i need something rally quik. 1. make a part surface before this sketch. 2. use the split line comand to put this sketch on the surface of the part. 3. export all surfaces in this view to a dxf.(should me in the right click menu.).



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                Lenny Bucholz

                extrue the solid, the save as iges with the wireframe box check in the iges options, you will then get both faces and wire to use to cut.


                you can even flavor it to Mastercam.


                Setting IGES Export Options


                Set the export options when you export SolidWorks part or assembly documents as IGES files.

                To set the IGES export options:

                1. Select from the following options:
                  Solid/Surface features
                  • Output as
                    IGES solid/surface entities

                    Exports the data as solid or surface entities.

                    Trimmed Surface (type 144)

                    Converts the faces of the part or assembly to trimmed surfaces in the IGES file.

                    Manifold Solid B-rep Object (type 186)

                    Exports boundary representation (BREP) data to the IGES file.

                    IGES Wireframe (3D curves)

                    Converts the solid body to a 3D wireframe representation in the IGES file. Depending on the entity types required by the target system, select:

                    B-Splines (Entity type 126)


                    Parametric Splines (Entity type 112)


                    B-splines (entity 126) 126, 110, 102*, 100
                    Parametric splines (entity 112) 112, 110, 102*, 100


                    If you select both IGES solid/surface entities and IGES Wireframe (3D curves), the model is exported as both trimmed surfaces and 3D curves.

                  • Surface representation/System preference Affects files exported as IGES solid/surface entities. Select a target system to determine the IGES entity types that compose the trimmed surfaces. 

                    Surface Representation


                    STANDARD 144, 142, 128, 126, 122, 120, 110, 102, 100
                    NURBS 144, 142, 128, 126, 110, 102, 100
                    ALIAS 144, 142, 128, 126, 122, 120, 110, 102, 100
                    ANSYS 144, 142, 128, 126, 110, 102, 100
                    COSMOS 144, 142, 128, 126, 110, 102, 100
                    MASTERCAM 144, 142, 128, 126, 110, 102, 100
                    SURFCAM 144, 142, 128, 126, 110, 102, 100
                    SMARTCAM 144, 142, 128, 126, 110, 102, 100
                    TEKSOFT 144, 142, 128, 126, 110, 102, 100
                    ALPHACAM 144, 142, 128, 126, 110, 102, 100
                    MULTICAD 144, 142, 128, 126, 110, 102, 100


                    If the system you are exporting to is not listed, refer to the documentation for that system to see which entities are supported, and choose an appropriate setting.

                  Export 3D Curve featuresIncludes 3D curve features in the exported file.
                  Export sketch entitiesIncludes sketch entities in the exported file. All 2D and 3D sketch entities are included.
                  Use high trim curve accuracyAffects files exported both with Trimmed surfaces and with 3D curves. High trim curve accuracy can sometimes help if the target system has trouble importing the IGES file or cannot knit the surfaces into a useful solid. The file size is larger if the check box is selected.
                  IGES assembly structure

                  Save all components of an assembly in one file

                  (assemblies only). Saves all assembly components, subassemblies, and subassembly components in one file. Otherwise, the assembly components and the subassembly components are saved as individual IGES files in the same directory.

                  Flatten assembly hierarchy

                  (assemblies only). Flattens the assembly to one level of only part bodies. A flattened file contains a top-level assembly and a series of parts that contain imported features.

                2. Click OK

                  When you create a task, you click Options in the task properties dialog box to change the options for that task only. To change the default option values, click View > Options > IGES.