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let's make a boat.

Question asked by Andrew Emmert on Jan 15, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2014 by Andrew Emmert

Hey gang,


I'm helping to design a boat from scratch for a school competition, and I'm tweaking my model for the hull and cap that we're going to be molding in fiberglass.


The feature in question that I'm asking about here is the very first feature (Boundary-Surface1).  I'd like to make the surface so that the edge that forms the keel has a nice rounded fillet all the way down the edge of the keel.  (Found in Boundary-Surface1: sketch 5)  Unfortunately, right at the point in sketch 5 when the keel fillets up to the bow and stern of the hull (radius of 3in) I can't force the loft to maintain that nice rounded profile, I end up with a much sharper intersection.


I've tried to set up my boundary surface so that sketch 5 is normal to profile, which should give the desired shape.


Hopefully somebody here on the forum can take a look.