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    Stress analysis of wind pressure.

    Joseph Shamblin

      I am trying to find out how much wind pressure a design(a sort of 3 x 5 foot side to hit) I made can endure but I'm not sure how to do that. I have done static stress analysis but thats not a proper representation of wind flow. I have also tried to use the Flow Simulation but I can't seem to see any stress analysis results for it. So my question is how can I properly simulate the stress analysis of wind flow. I'm looking to test from wind pressures of 18 pfs to 50 pfs (~80 mph to ~130 mph I think). Do you guys know how to do this or know of a tutorial for this?

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          Shaun Densberger

          I believe you can take pressure results from a flow simulation and input them in a structural simulation. You can also do this manually if the pressure gradient is relatively small. Another thing that comes to mind is to check whether you wind load is such that it could cause periodic excitation.

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            Jared Conway

            "but thats not a proper representation of wind flow"


            what representation of wind flow do you want?


            shaun is right you can run the flow simulation and export to solidworks simulation


            if you don't have that, its a matter of assumptions you're ok with. you can start with just a pressure or force that is the same over the whole area and make that assumption. or you can estimate the distribution and use a non uniform pressure distribution.