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    Can't thicken a surface correctly? Need Help

    Josh Runyan

      I made a model of my Cell Phone and I am trying to use an offset surface and the thicken tool to create a case for it that I could 3D Print. Any help would be appreciated. Also If you know of any models for a case for this phone, or if you've made one please let me know. Thanks!



      P.S. I've attached a model of my phone

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          Eric Irwin



          I was able to offset/thicken most of what you would need for a case, but the chamfer around the edge would not work.  You might need to manually build those surfaces in before the thicken, or build the solids in after the thicken.  It looks like you are running a student version, so you wouldn't be able to use the model.  All I did was Offset and Thicken, so you should be able to recreate this.