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    How to unsupress all components

    Mike Beebe
      After opening a STEP assembly, all components except the top level are suppressed. I can't find an easy way of unsuppressing the whole BOM structure.
        • How to unsupress all components

          I do not have an assembly that I can do this with at the moment but I thought you could do a shift select and unsuppress all components.

          • How to unsupress all components
            John Burrill
            This also happens when I do a 'form new subassembly' operation-all of the components moved into the subassemlby get suppressed. I think the controlling factor is the settings of the active configuration of the target assembly-specifically the settings for suppressing new compoents, features and mates.
            Since assembly import operations create new components from your default templates, the part's might be imported in a suppressed state because of it.
            To prevent the problem in the future, try editing your default template (or the template you use for import operations) and uncheck the suppression controls in the active configuration (see attached image).
            For your selection problem, you can use windows selection techniques in feature manager and to unsupress everything, pick on the top-level component in feature manager (the first item in the tree) and then goto 'edit==>unsupress with dependents==>this configuration' or 'edit==>unsupress with dependents==>all configurations'
            Let me know how it turns out.