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Help with a basic pipe clamp?

Question asked by John Scott on Jan 15, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2014 by John Scott

Hi, I've started learning SolidWorks as of last week to build a handle that can attach to another handle. I've made the handle itself (though its not great), but I'm trying to make the handle attach to the other via 2 pipe clamps. In the attached handle file, I have 2 rectangles extruding from the handle at the correct locations, but I am having trouble building the clamp on top of the surface (the clamp itself should look something like the clamp file I attached, though with different dimensions and I hope to learn how to add screws). I feel this problem might be way easier than it actually is, but I've been struggling with it for a long time now. Can anybody help?


Edit: Could there possibly be an easy way using an assembly?


Edit 2: Since the computers are being used at the moment I've uploaded a hand sketch. I'll try and make one in SW asap.


Edit 3: added new handle design "new_handle"


Edit 4: Fixed 3D sketch and changed dimensions in "new_handle_2"


Edit: Added both halves.