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solidworks 2014 make the files much bigger  SW 2014使文件变大很多

Question asked by abc 89600423 on Jan 15, 2014

The files (parts and assembllies) are much bigger after I  updated form Solidworks 2013 to Solidworks 2014.For example, one patr becames 33M ,but it used to be 11M when its formats was Solidworks 2013.

      How I can changes the settings to make the files not  so big?


     用了Solidworks 2014 以后,感觉文件变大了很多。原来11m的文件现在变成了33m。装配体文件就比以前更大了。这是怎么回事?能设置一下,使文件不变这么大吗?文件太大了对读取速度影响很大。