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Interaction between Connector routing(Solidworks) and schematic (Electrical)

Question asked by Marcos Suarez on Jan 14, 2014



We try to evaluate solidworks electrical for our electronic Products.

My actual problem is...

I can't realize how electrical interact with solidworks.

I mean, the route you can find here (Demo, is done with solidworks routing (Solidworks Premium).


My question is, how look the electrical version of that route?

How look the schmatic view? The wires to the green connector on the left side have core end sleeves between connector and wire.

Do I need the green connector and a wire in the schematic view, or do I need 3 core end sleeves and 3 wires in my schematic view?

Do i need just the schematic view or also a line diagram?


Can someone please help me out here, optimally in the form of a schema/line diagram for this cable.

I would be very grateful for your help.


Thank you,

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