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Limited Search Functionality

Question asked by Robert Dilgard on Jan 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2014 by Josh Killalea

When searching for a file using the description, users don't always know the exact order of the words that they are looking for. Using the wildcard * between words should allow EPDM to return results with those words in any order.  Attached is an image with three screen shots showing the limits of EPDM search.



Does anyone know of a workaround that is fast and simple for the end user?  Our end goal is to have the same basic search functionality that is included in Windows.


Our VAR suggested Solution ID # S-058999, but using the OR statements inside the "Variable Search" card is time consuming and not an intuitive solution.  We have considered using the report generator but heard that it doesn't generate links to the files that it finds.


I have created Enhancement Request # 1-5080519921  for added search functionality in EPDM.


2014-01-14 12_08_49-three screen shots.jpg