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    Component properties dialog box

    Sally Hoo

      Does anyone know how to enable the "component properties" option in the right click menu when selecting a part within an assembly?  My hard drive recently died so I'm on a new computer/new installation of SolidWorks 2010, and I don't see this option in my right click menu.  Or, is there any way to get to this dialog box besides through the right-click menu?  The help documentation only says to open it through the right-click menu.


      Even when I go to customize menu within the right-click menu, I don't see this as an option that can be checked/unchecked (see attached).




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          Glenn Schroeder

          Do you not get the box of icons above the list when you right-click on a component?  The Component Properties icon should be at the top right.  I think the icon options are always there and aren't customizable.


          component properties.png

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              Sally Hoo

              Thanks, Glenn.  I do get that pop-up (just never opened component properties from that specific part of the right-click menu before).  Still don't get why I can't get it to show up as text within the full list, but that method is more than adequate for me to continue working.  Thanks again!



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                Dave Hagler

                Yes, thanks Glenn for posting the icon with the explaination.  If you hover over the icon for a short time, it says quite plainly (as seen in your illustration) that it is Component Properties.  I must admit that sometimes I am in too big a hurry to notice things like that.  I will give Sally some advise that I need to take myself:  "The best way to speed things up is to slow down."   What upsets me the most is that SW could have posted the same thing in help that you posted in the community, but chose not to do so.  Normally, when I go to help I know I won't get any.  The was a time in my SW history that help was actually of some value.   I looked for Component Properties because I was looking for a Flexible Assembly, but for some time couldn't remember "flexible."  If you don't search for the exact word, you get nowhere.  The only software worse is Microsoft, where to look up information on margins, you have to search for "change" because the help is under "Change margins."