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File Saving and Sharing

Question asked by Cadster Tigweld on Jan 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2014 by Kelvin Lamport

Is there an Option in solidworks that can help Save Assemblies and its components/Sub-Assemblies  to a different destination from the folder that its currently opened in (Like a Save as Option )

For example

I Have an assembly that has many sub assembles that need to be copied to a different folder as a complete file without Missing any components that might be saved on a desktop or in vaious folders ( UnOrganized SubAssemblies) .

I am trying to work on an assembly ( and Share it with the Boss) but its a file that a fellow coworker is working on. When he transfers the file, it has a lot of components that are lost during the transfer from the main folder that has the Design saved in


I have done this magically once before where I opened up an Design with its sub assemblies/Components From my desktop Folder, inserted a Flashdrive and hit save. All the components and its sub Assemblies got transfered onto the Storage Device without any missing components


Thank You For Reading