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    add relations and fix relations etc

    Joe Black

      i am confused as to the philosophy of relations and the anchor icon and the whole relations thing .

      whats the reason for this and what does it affect in the model ?

      existing relations fully defined ??

      where and when to use is my query ...

      what would happen if i dont fix relations etc

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          John Lhuillier

          The anchor fixes that item in space & is not related to anything. Changing dimensions won't affect the position of that fixed item. It will always stay in the same place in space as long as it remains anchored. A coincident relation or any of the others actually link that item to another item that allows it to move with the related item should it move because of a dimensional change. If you don't fix relations then your model won't be "parametrically" changed or be modified because of a dimension change. You would have to almost go in and change every dimension manually if you had to make changes.

          An example would be if you had a 12" cubed box that had a lid on it that always needed to be 1/2" bigger all the way around the edge. If you had the correct relations added & changed the 12" box to be a 16" box then the lid would automatically change to maintain that 1/2" relation you added. If you had all of the relations anchored then you would have to manually go in & change every dimension or feature that would be affected by changing the size of your box.

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            John Sutherland

            I suggest you search the forum archive on "fully defined sketches" to get a comprehensive understanding of sketching.

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              Glenn Schroeder

              Joe Black wrote:


              what would happen if i dont fix relations etc


              I heard of a case where a draftsman didn't take the time to fully define his sketches.  Without realizing it he clicked on something and moved it just a little bit.  Nobody caught it until the product went into production.  It cost his company a lot of money and cost him his job.