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    Solidworks interference detected

    Devi Prasad Samal

      Hello guys,


      I am facing a unusual issue in solidworks. while running mesh in simulation i am getting an error, atleast 2 bodies are interfering. but when I am performing interference check, it shows no interference. I have checked on the options while performing interference detection tool "show ignored interference, treat sub assemblies as componenets, include multibody interference".


      Is this a bug. Have any one got same kind of issues?


      For more clarification, see attached pic



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          Jared Conway

          is what you have chosen for scope of the interference detection the top level assembly? have you checked at lower levels?

          what happens when you click "treat coincidence as interference"?

          have you tried isolating the problem by excluding some of the bodies? those couple of welds you have in there look like they could be the culprit