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    Belt mate errors

    Ridgely Banks

      Good afternoon. This is my first post here. Thanks in advance for the help.


      I am a very new SW user.

      I'm trying to create a belt mate around 5 pulleys.

      I cannot attach to the outside pulleys. I'm thinking the distance apart may be to great.

      SW says "The direction of a selected pulley is not parallel to the normal direction of belt plane".


      What in the heck do they mean by that????

      All the pulleys are in alignment or close enough.

      I dont get this error attaching other pulleys in closer proximity. I can attach belts to 3,4, and 5, but not 1 or 2.

      timing belt creation error.jpg

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          Ridgely Banks

          I was finally able to get the belts to attach. However, I get errors when I attach either far pulley.

          My initial error was that they were not completely in alignment. I now have them mated to the same plane.



          My entire assembly turns caution yellow.


          I'd really appreciate it if someone could help me out, thx! pulleys_6.jpg

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              Jerry Steiger



              Folks can't help much with such a generic question. It would be best if you could attach your files. Second best would be to show what some or all of the warnings are.


              Jerry S.

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                  Ridgely Banks

                  I uploaded the assembly.

                  It is a pulley and rail drive system for a garment printer.


                  -  The main drive motor "A" (.2in pulley) turns a 3 inch pulley "B" with a drive belt.

                  -  The 3 in pulley turns a shaft which mounts a .5in pulley "C".

                  -  .5 in pulley"C"- 2nd belt- .5 in shaft mounted gear "D"

                  - further along the shaft another .5 in gear "E" attaches to a tensioner mechanism.

                  - A final belt runs the z direction to pull a pallet assembly in the z direction.


                  I can get things moving corretly with gear mates.

                  I cannot get things to move correctly with belt mates.