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    Urgent, error on simulation

    Rafael Vale



      Im doing a project for university and im having serious problems running the motion simulation. After i mesh all parts, select the material, select support and load conditions, i start the running process and when the bar reaches the 32 % it appears "model geometry might be changed" and something about not having restraints. Im working on this project for about 3 months and im not a pro on solidworks so im asking anyone who can help me solving this problem.I have till 17 january to present the project so if someone can help me i




      I will attach all the parts and the assemblies if someone needs it. The final assembly you need to open is ASSEMBTOTAL3, its the final assembly.




      Te error that appears is " model is unstainable.Restraints may not be adequate"


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          Shaun Densberger

          Are you using SolidWorks Simulation or Motion Study?

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              Jared Conway

              Hi Rafael, thanks for posting the assy that you're working with, there are so many files, without it that would be a challenge.


              Specific to your error message, it means that you're missing a connection between one or more of the parts. Best way to solve this is a process of elimination. Start where your restraint is and a gravity load, only include a couple of parts, get it to run, then add a couple more and on and on. You can also use a frequency analysis or soft springs to help identify where the connections are missing but this process is also educational.


              The main cause for these problems in your model is that you have overlapping material and some other problems. While the results won't be great or that accurate, what i might suggest is exporting your model as a part or parasolid and try combining together. Then you don't have to worry as much about the contacts because everything will be one big part.

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                Rafael Vale

                im using simulation

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                Aabc Ddef

                Rafael, To the best of my knowledge; you deleted/modified/changed the physical component while you were in the process of analyzing the system (i.e. delete a redundant body or added an additional component to the assembly/part).


                Solidworks is not smart enough to figure out what changed; it is trying to access information that doesn't exist.  Even if you press 'undo' after you delete a body by accident; the analysis cannot be saved.


                Unless you found a way, you are going to have to rebuild your study/analysis.  The model itself should still be good; but the study is worthless and corrupt.