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new Mac Pro; the compact workstation?

Question asked by Wytze Van Mansum on Jan 12, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 20, 2016 by Steven Tabor

So from the hardware specs the new Mac Pro could make a very good workstation: Finally a workstation grade processor and workstation grade graphics card in a portable package (even better: Two cards!)


For me as a freelance designer always using my own computer and SW license this portable aspect makes perfect sense. I am looking for a new computer and the compromise has always been: A) get a genuine workstation, but realistically you cannot transport it to work on location. B) Stick with the slower Laptops for on site work. On average I work three days a week in my own office and two days at a client's office. Solidworks is always my main occupation; Modelling and rendering. 


As for this Mac Pro being an ideal Workstation alternative for Solidworks? I guess it all depends on how it would perform under Bootcamp Windows; whether AMD will also provide good drivers for the Dual Firepro's under windows, whether solidworks can take advantage of the hardware, etc.


So untill somebody has tested the Pro as an SW workstation alternative lets speculate:

- The Firepro D300, D500, D700 are actually  W5000, W7000, W9000 deratives?

- Will AMD provide the workstation class drivers for them or will they leave them to remain simple consumer Radeons under bootcamp windows?

- Under windows bootcamp Solidworks can benifit from dual graphic cards or will it leave one card sitting idle?

- Solidworks will approve the D300/D500/D700 cards for realview or not?

- Apple cheap, say what? The Mac Pro maybe a relative cheap workstation?