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Inquiry about Turbomachinery CFD with Solidworks Flow Simulation

Question asked by Shyang Maw Lim on Jan 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2014 by Bill McEachern



I am new to Solidworks Flow Simulation and I hope that someone could enlighten me in the following matters.


1) I am planning to do CFD on turbomachinery, which consists of a rotating impeller and stationary parts. I used to create the meshes for stationary diffuser and rotating impeller separately and then coupled the two meshes together. How can I do the same thing in Solidworks Flow Simulation? It seems to me that every part has to be assemblied together before using Solidworks Flow Simulation (I might be wrong because I am new to the software).


2) I used to divide the fluid domain into several blocks in turbomachinery flow passage to generate good quality mesh. In Gridgen, for example, the mesh size can be controlled by specifying the number of nodes on each connector of the blocks. Can I do the same thing in Solidworks Flow SImulation and if yes, how can I do it?


3) Due to cyclic symmetry in turbomachinery, it is often possible to define a periodic boundary condition in turbomachinery CFD. How can I do that in Solidworks Flow Simulation?


This will be the first time I am going to use Solidworks Flow Simulation for CFD. Advises or recommendations of any good reference to answer my doubts will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


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