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Why wont Solidworks even begin install for me?!!

Question asked by Vinny Cas on Jan 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2014 by Vinny Cas

I bought a copy of Solidworks Student Edition. I have an Macbook running paralles(which shouldnt matter) windows 7 x64.


I put the disk in, i open it, i hit setup.exe and i get an error..


"Instalation manager cannont be found, locate sldIM.exe and put it in the sldIM folder."


SO i go look in the sldIM folder and the sldim.exe is already there. i try clicking it and i get a hourglass next to my cursor for 2 seconds then it disappears and nothing happens.


I cant find anyone with this same problem and I need to get this student edition on my computer.


I tried going to the portal to download the install manager cause i was told i can do that and it says my serial number is invalid....