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Assembly as single part

Question asked by Aadesh Gandhi on Jan 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2014 by Emil Tietje


   This is my first post on this forum. My knowledge with SolidWorks is limited but I am tasked to get assemblies converted to single part files so that I can see assembly level machining cuts on the part file itself which will be saved as a .SLDPRT


   Now I know that I can do a save as a part for the assembly but in my case the assembly has assembly level machining cuts which are left out if I do a simple save as part. I looked at this link and this does help me go one step forward but I think this works well with simple assemblies.


   I tried to work with two subcomponentsand having a assembly level cut,  I had to change 'Future Scope' from 'Selected Components' to 'All Components' to ensure the machining cut was transferred over correctly. Please see the screeenshot







When I tried to replicate the same a complex assembly it did not work, one of the reason I could see was this; in the last step from the link it mentions how to join parts but not necessarliy sub-assemblies that might be present. Could any body help me with this? In a nut shell I would like to have all the assembly level machining cuts transfered to a part file.