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Question asked by Collin Walker on Jan 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2014 by Anna Wood

I have a "valid" code for the student version of solid works.  Now I say "valid" becasue the code took, and got me a download and a seral number.  I downloaded, installed, and registered the product just fine.  But then after all of that when I boot the software, it only gets so far then brings up a message that says, "This limited life version of SolidWorks has expired." The email says that the liscence is supposed to be good till december of 2014, or at least the email I got from solid works that also contained my serial number said it would be good till them.  So why exactly has it expired whne the code, I just used today to get that serial number, is supposed to be good till december of 2014?


Attached are a word document with all the information minus the actual serial number from solid works, as well as a screen cap of exatly what the software says and looks like when I try to boot it up.