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    flow simulation through radial impeller

    Mohammed Abuoss

      Hi  all

      im working on simulating flow through an end-suction impeller with its volute , i have defined the inlet boundary condition as inlet volume flow of 0.0466 m3/sec , and outlet boundary condition as environmental pressure , however, the results are totally in-correct..

      i have used internal anaylsis , with global rotating system of 185 rad/sec. and since im new in using flow simulation , i think i have must missed some parameter that missed-up my simulation , i apprecite your help in case you have went through such case?

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          Jared Conway

          is the flow entering radially?

          how far are your bcs from your rotating region?

          what are you comparing the results to?


          if you're new to using rotation i would recommend that you go through the technical reference, solving engineering problems documents and also the kb to make sure you have followed all the recommendations for rotating regions.


          the software has been validated so most commonly, problems come from setups that don't match or being outside the limitations of the software

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              Mohammed Abuoss

              Hi Jared

              first, thanks for your support.. in reply to your questions, let me brief you about the project in hand, the pump im trying to simulate had already been manufactured and i have tested it in the company test-lab, we need to verify the resukts by using solid-works flow-simulation software.

              the pump is of centrifugal type, the water flow to the oinlet of the pump from the side (horizontally) as shown in the picture below and exit the volute from the top side, this pump is "end-suction" type.

              i have used internal analysis, with rotating global coordinate system,boundaries condition are shown in the picture below.the inlet and outet lids are about 100 mm away from the rotating part (the impeller).

              Boundaries conditions.png

              i have verified the gemotry and below is fluid-volume

              fluid volume.jpg

              i ran the analysis and after 6 hours of waiting, the results are disappointing, im comparing the simulation results with the actual i got from the test lab. the flow is crossing the volute which is supposed to be stationary and defined as "real-wall" , see results snap below

              results snap.jpg

              i hope the above are answering your questions. looking forward to see where i went wrong!


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                  Jared Conway

                  the application is valid

                  i don't know what that plotis that you're showing, it looks like flow trajectories but that you've enabled an option like "flatten" that would make them look weird

                  my suspicion is that you haven't followed recommendations for setting up rotating regions. for example extending the inlets and outlets so that they are far from the region of interest. check out the documentation.