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    Export a solid from a part?

    Andi H

      Each leaf is a solid unmerged with the rest. How do Iexport or save stl only one leaf?



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          Randy Cole


               What you could do is delete everything up to the leaf, leaving only the leaf. Then do a Save as, as just the leaf and then undo the deleting you did to the drawing and it will go back to what is seen in the picture. Definately save it as is before you delete anything just so you can have a back-up if the process doesnt work. I do it all the time with no issue, so it shouldn't be a problem. Or what you could do is "Hide" everything else and save it as an STL when it's just the leaf and see if it hides when you save it or just hides temporarily.

          Hopefully this helps out, let us know as well!


          Best of luck,


          P.S. I love the work on your pedestal/pillar, the detail is immense!

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              Andi H

              I didnt want to that because it takes a lot of memory out of my pc and leaf geometry is based on the main cylinder and cap body. I just wanted to see if shapeways could print the leaf. The Deepak guptas method works great. Its actually Corithian Capital



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              Deepak Gupta

              You can simply right click on the body you want to export out and select "Insert into new part" And then in the save as box pick the file type you need.