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    Dual Display

    Tim Hansen
      Is it possible to get SW to display separate windows on both monitors? I have a NVIDIA Quadro FX4500 graphics card. The only way I have been able to get this work is to set display mode to horizontal span so that SW will display on both monitors as one window. This is not ideal when working with other programs because they also will span across both monitors. I have used Pro-E in the past and it is possible to drag windows between monitors using the dual view setting on the graphics card. Is this supported by SW?
        • Dual Display
          I am trying to run dual displays, but when I have the dual displaysactivated, it takes FOREVER for SW 2007 to load.  Does anyoneknow how to fix this or is it that this is typical for SW? Thanks!
          • Dual Display
            Dale Dunn
            In the past I have made this work with Dual View on my FX1100. With desktop management enabled in the Nvidia drivers, I was able to add window controls to maximize SW across both monitors and maximize individual documents to individual monitors. I don't remember what driver I was using, but it was older than 67.22, which I'm currently running. It was probably on SW04 or earlier. I also don't remember all the details of how to set it up. However, it should work.

            What happens when you try it?
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                John Burrill
                I've got the desktop management tools in 77.56. I had to enable adding display options to the context menu. That allows me to maximize a single application across both monitors.
                I posted a screen grab to help you navigate the interface.