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PDMWorks or Dedicated Server?

Discussion created by nathan schafer on Jan 8, 2007
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Would it be more beneficial to buy a standalone server and networkfor the engineers or to put PDMWorks on the company server. Thereare 7 engineers who use SW with network licenses. My distributorsays PDMWorks will solve our problems but I hope to get moreopinions.  

The problem is that our server is old and it services the wholecompany, over 100 people. Another problem is there is no one in ourTechnical Department that knows anything about SolidWorks. Also itruns Windows Server 2000 Professional which I don't believePDMWorks supports. IT has no desire to install Windows Server 2003,but my boss said he may force them to if that is the best option. I have read here that many people are not using PDM andsuggest a good network.  Typically no two engineer works onthe same project at once.  

Over the past year the size of assemblies that my company are usinghas become much larger.  We typically use parts with 20-30features and assemblies 1000-4000 parts. The problem is that as theassemblies become larger the performance of SW becomes slower. Itnow takes us 8-15minutes to open and save files, which has become asignificant part of my day.  Management is finally willing togive us some money to help reduce the problem.

Any suggestions or references would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.