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I can't make a unattended installation when no nuser is logged on.

Question asked by Itcn Drift on Jan 9, 2014



I can't make a unattended deployment of SolidWorks when no users is logged on to the client computers. I'm I have tried both System Center Operation Manager 2012 and Altiris Deployment Console to do the deployment. Only when a user logs on to the computer, the installation starts to run.


I have made my deployment using sldAdminOptionEditor.exe and my CMD file looks like this:


IF NOT EXIST "%Programfiles(x86)%" \\pkgdata\PKG\Standard_Applications\SolidWorks_2013SP5\32bit\sldim\sldIM.exe /adminclient /new /source \\pkgdata\PKG\Standard_Applications\SolidWorks_2013SP5\32bit\AdminDirector.xml


IF EXIST "%Programfiles(x86)%" \\pkgdata\PKG\Standard_Applications\SolidWorks_2013SP5\64bit\sldim\sldIM.exe /adminclient /new /source \\pkgdata\PKG\Standard_Applications\SolidWorks_2013SP5\64bit\AdminDirector.xml


I hope anyone can help




Allan Bech