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    SolidWorks 2014, 3dconnexion, Wireless SpaceNavigator, Zoom in/out Preference

    Jack Tate

      I have loaded 2014 and downladed the latest drivers for my SpaceNavigator.  My preference is to set-up the zoom in/out to UP(lift the puck) / DOWN(squash the puck).  Either that option is gone, or I just can't find it in the settings menu.  I understand that the menu is application/context sensitive.  The irony is that when CHROME is active, I can get to the settings I need... But when SolidWorks is active, I can't.  I just discovered that by accident.  I suppose I can eventually re-wire my brain to drive it like this, but I don't wanna.  Anybody else seeing this?


      Also, here's one of those smily-face things the kids are into these days...