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SW not rebuilding when I switch configurations

Question asked by Randy Palmer on Jan 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2014 by Jeff Mirisola

I am running SW 2013 SP5.  The issue I am currently running into is several-fold and possibly related.  Perhaps someone here knows how to address the issue?  I have an assembly in which I am merely trying to show multiple options to a customer, so I have a few configurations.


-One problem I have is when I manipulate the assembly in any way, and then switch to a particular configuration, the software seems to want to set the visible state on two parts as hidden.  Those two parts are part of a pattern that is suppressed in another configuration.


-The second problem, is that when I switch configurations, SW does not perform an automatic rebuild.  Is there a setting that changes this?  If so, I can not find it.  I am having to manually hit Ctl-Q each time.  Until it rebuilds, several components do not properly update their position, and several patterned components do not properly propogate.  During my presentation, I do not want to show things all out of whack every time I switch to a different design option.