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saving file at creation and some other questions....

Question asked by Josh Killalea on Jan 8, 2014

we have recently implement EPDM and our VAR set it up for us with template cards that are pointed to soldiworks .sldprt and .sldasm files. when you go to File>New and select one of them (part, assembly shown in Capture {drawing was added this morning}) you get the pop up in capture1 asking you where to save the file. when you choose the location, it then produces pop up shown in capture2 asking for the file name. everything works fine if you follow these steps.


until today, we have had our drawing template outside the vault (long story). when the decission was made to add the drawing template to the vault i added a .slddrg file to the same location as the part and assembly files. i then created a new template card and pointed it at teh new .slddrg file and set the variable t_FileName, in the files and folders page of the edit template dialog, in the same fashion as the Assembly and Part files have. this now produced the same process as noted above and works fine if you follow the steps from the onset.


where the problems start;


with the way we model and the speed at which we add parts and assemblies to other assemblies, the above mentioned process was/is VERY painful to do as it makes you dig down into your folder structure and then manually type in a file name EVERY time you want to save a new file. and that is just way to painful for the amount of times we need to do this in a single day and the sequential file naming system we use. so while it was only the part and assembly files we had worked out you could just hit ESC and then save the part or assembly later as you normally would, where the save dialog opens up to your working folder and you can use favorite short cuts to other locations and click on other file names to steal large portions of file names etc. etc. this way is MUCH faster and easier for us and the way we work. the problem is when you do this with the drawing, you get the result shown in Capture3 when it should be the result shown in Capture4.


a while back we noticed, with the part and assembly files, that it wasn't bringing in the standard custom properties with the parts or assemblies when we hit ESC, like it would when we followed the steps outlined above. this never really seemed like a big issue though as these custom properties would appear as you filled in the properties in the data cards, BOM tables, drawing sheets etc. we asked the VAR that set it all up for us and he had no idea why that was happening, but like us didn't see a problem if everything still worked for us. so we continued on our merry way. this issue with the drawing sheet though is obviously a VERY big one.


so my questions are these;


1) is the prompt to save on creation thing standard behaviour for the use of template cards?


as far as i can work out it would make sence because EPDM seems to be saying use this part/assembly/drawing as a template and save it here as .... and then use that. so it is effectively performing a "save as" for you right at the start. so what i THINK is happening is when we hit ESC during that process SolidWorks is opening a standard template for us in liue of the part/assembly/drawing we have originally "asked" it to.


which leads me to the next question;


2) is there a way to just use the part/assembly/drawing we originally wanted to? alternately is there a way to use one of our default templates when we hit ESC?


if the answer to those is no then;


3) is there a way to set the template cards so that they don't prompt you to save and name the file on creation? if my assumption of how this is all working is correct, then i am guessing the answer to this is no. but i thought i would ask in case i am wrong.


so as a work around i have gone back to using just normal templates in the vault (and have/will set everyone else up the same) and that seems to work fine. we still get data cards when we save them into the vault and all the properties still seem to work fine. but it beggs the question;


4) whats the point of doing it with the template cards?




5) which way is correct/better? and why?


sorry for the long write up, but i feel that best explains our issue and gives anyone going to offer help all the information needed.


and before anyone says "ask you VAR" he was fired right before christmas,which sucks big time because he was the only one i had any real faith in, and my faith in other VARs after my few beief run ins with them is VERY low. i have had FAR better and faster results here.


thanks in advance for any help.