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    Mated Parts in Assembly Not Moving Normally

    Gart Bartle

      I have a door type component mated to a base via a hinge. The door has other parts mated securely to it (handle, window etc.). In the past, and other files, I can grab any part of the door and move it, but for some reason in the lastest file I've created I have to grab specific parts to move it.


      As I go through the process of adding mates I could move the door, but then as soon as I mate extra panels to the door I can only move it if I grab the panel. I can still move the door, so it's not locked or 'over-mated', but it's tedious having to grab a specific part. There are no sub-assemblies involved. If I go back to the other files the problem doesn't exist.


      I've tried changing the mate order and that made no difference. Any settings I may have inadvertently changed or...?


      Thank you.