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    Help with Macro creation

    Darryl Daniel

      Disclaimer:  I don't fully understand how to program Macros or the programming language with which they use.  I do however know how to take other peoples macros and use them .  I tried to create my own macro using the record funtion, but so far I haven't been able to get it to work.  I'm hoping someone out there can maybe help me (or at least explain how to do it).  Here is the procedure I'm trying to automate with the type of shortcut key:


      Issue:  I hate that the default Solidworks wireframe is black.  If you are trying to look at an assembly in wireframe, everything is black so you can't tell one part from another.  SW does have the ability to change the color of a wireframe to match the part's appearance/color.  The problem is I have to go through the menus to do this...it would be nice to be able to hit a mapkey to automate this.


      Example:  Lets say I have a part "A" and I change the appearance to blue.  If I turn on wireframe, the wireframe lines are black.  To change this, I would go into my menus:  Tools-->Options-->Document Properties-->Model Display --> select "Wireframe/HLR" under the Model/feature colors heading, and then check the box labeled "Apply same color to wireframe, HLR and shaded".  OK, bam....now my wirefram matches my part color (i.e. blue in this example).  If I change my part to a different color, unfortunately the wireframe color doesn't automatically update.  I would have to do the whole process over again.


      Can anyone create a macro that will do this?  FYI - I use SW2011, 2012, & 2013 currently.  I know some macros work only in some versions of SW so if you can get it to work in any version, you have made more progress than I have, so please share