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Change project and renaming issues

Question asked by Rich Bolduc on Jan 9, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2014 by Joseph Ankers



   Already talked to my VAR about this and they've had multiple reports from other customers with similar issues so I figured I'd ask here if there was a workaround.



Change Project:  Using either SolidWorks Explorer or from within SolidWorks, certain files I can't change projects.  I have ownership and the parts aren't being used anywhere.  Sometimes if the part has a drawing attached to it I can move the drawing to a ne folder, but not the part.  Kind of frustrating when trying to clean up certain folders.



Renaming Parts:  Same as above, some filesI can rename and others I can't within Explorer or SolidWorks. 



For both of these I've tried stopping and restarting the vault along with rebuilding it.  I'm the owner of all the files so it's not an ownership issue.