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    Question regarding download

    Ricky Scott



      I have a question regarding downloading the software. I've had the solidworks student edition, and am basically downloading an extension. I uninstalled the current copy and installed the new copy, everything seemed to work fine. The installation manager finished, and when I went to open the program I received this error message:

      This version had not been commissioned properly, please contact your supplier (A100,68). Then when I clicked ok for that another message appears that says:

      An activation prerequisite is missing, please reinstall (68).


      Does anyone here have any experience with this?


      Thanks in advance



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          Jerry Steiger



          You might try asking this question in the Administration forum, as that is the best spot to get answers about installation issues.


          Jerry S.

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            Deepak Gupta

            Rick try the solution given in SolidWorks Knowledge Base Solution Id: S-062141 if that helps you (not sure if you've access to that area I'm posting the solution below)


            1. Open a command prompt (Start > Run > type cmd and hit enter)

            2. Type 'cd c:\program files\solidworks corp\solidworks\setup\i386' to change to the <SolidWorks install directory>\setup\i386 folder  If SolidWorks is not installed in the default location update the path as necessary

            3. Type swlicservinst.exe -swip swx and hit enter

            4. Type swinstactsvc.exe -swip swx and hit enter

            5. Start SolidWorks.

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                Brad Hakeman

                We have one user getting this error this morning.  Would it have something to do with the license server?  We moved the license manager to a newer server and had everyone run a batch command to update their machines to search for the right server.  If the user didn't run the batch command, would the installation manager have problems updating to 14?