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    New Annoying Features in 2014

    James Pare

      1st off, I think 2014 is much better then 2013, but here's a few things I think they got wrong & would like to see fixed


      - Hole wizard changes:

      I am not 100% sold on the new hole wizard lay-out, I can't really redue the options shown, C'bores are defaulted to blind, which is going to cause issues


      -New quick mating, I like it, but why doesn't it work when I select items from the deature tree? Why can't I select enter on distance mates instead of clicking on the green arrow?


      Drawings: When I place a drawing & change the scale a label box pops up that shows the new scale, very annoying & needs to be deleted, we mention scale in our title block only


      Anything else people?


      (Spell check in forums?)