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    Solidworks Document Manager, reading revision table content

    JJ Meijer

      Hello everybody,


      I am trying to get all revision table data from our drawings to get it into a database. Sadly from a lot of drawings I get a lot of missing values and even duplicated values.


      A piece of test code:

                      //Open the file, do not allow ReadOnly for testing purposes

                      SwDMDocument17 swDoc = (SwDMDocument17)dmDocMgr.GetDocument(file, SwDmDocumentType.swDmDocumentDrawing, false, out OpenError);


                      //Get all table names

                      string[] tableNames = (string[])swDoc.GetTableNames(SwDmTableType.swDmTableTypeRevision);


                      //Since there is only one (checked), just use the first table name

                      dmTable = (SwDMTable4)swDoc.GetTable(tableNames[0]);


                      //Load table content into array of strings, this is where it goes wrong but there is no error returned and the rows and columns match

                      string[] celltextarr = (string[])dmTable.GetTableCellText(out tErrors, out rows, out columns);


      I added two drawings,

      PE07371 works as expected;

      PE37336 returns empty cells and duplicated values


      Somebody have any idea what could be the problem? Thanks in advance!